Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Tag


1. Katara and Sokka: Best sibling relationship

  • Margot, Lara-Jean, and Kitty from the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before series by Jenny Han


I love the sibling relationships in this book because they are so realistic. Actually, the whole family dynamic is very realistic. The three sisters lost their mother when they were very young and have since tried their best to fill the void that the loss created. Margot, the older sister, is the main mother replacement of the girls but with her leaving for college soon, Lara-Jean has to try her best to fill her older sisters shoes. The girls fight, have cute sappy moments, but all together display just what you deal with in a family.

2. Yue: Favorite star crossed lovers

  • R and Julie from Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion


So this book is kinda a Romeo and Juliet retelling that takes place during the zombie apocalypse. I shipped R and Juliet from the first trailer I saw of the movie and I loved the idea of them together even more when I was reading it in the book.

3. Blood Bending: A book with a disturbing/unsettling concept


I haven’t read this yet so I’m gonna try to explain it as well as I can with what I know. So, there’s a city that is half ruled by humans and half ruled by monsters. There are 3 different types of monsters and they are created by 3 different types of violence. The main female protagonist is the daughter of the leader of the human side, the main male protagonist is a monster, and the two end up needing to work together to do something. And there is absolutely no romance.


4. Toph – A character who’s strength surprised you/or surprised the other characters in the book

  • Feyre in A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas


Feyre in A Court of Thorns and Roses was a very underwhelming character. She had been struggling to take care of herself for so long that when Tamlin came about so willing to take the task off of her shoulders, she was overjoyed about having someone to else besides herself to care about her needs. But then he was trying to take care of her too much. He smothered her and she was dying like a tiny flame flickers out when you cover it was a glass cup and it no longer has any access to oxygen. In A Court of Mist and Fury, we see the bad ass Feyre return under the eye and care of Rhysand. She’s given all the freedom that she wanted and is able to learn to take care of herself once again but, this time, with the knowledge of knowing that someone will be there to jump in the moment she needs it.

5. The Tales of Ba Sing Se – best short story/poetry collection


If I’m completely honest, this is the only short story collection that I’ve ever read and it takes a lot for poetry to really wow me. Even though this was the only thing that could qualify, it was really good. I loved having that extra and additional background on the characters.

6. Kyoshi Warriors: Best warrior character

  • Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare


She’s an amazing shadow hunter. She’s a great fighter and can easily hold her own in battle. And I also find it amazing that she’s so confident in herself that she can even use her femininity as a weapon. I guess that I’m so attracted to her character that I can see so much of the person that I want to be in Isabelle.


7. Zuko: Best reception arc/a redemption arc that should have happened

  • Cole St. Claire from The Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Steifvater


So Cole was introduced in Linger and I hated him as a character in it. I thought he was more trouble than he was worth and I thought he was so annoying. Then the events of Forever happened and oh my God. He gained all of my respect and then that twist at the end I was so said and I think I may have actually cried. Anyway, he was able to go from me not giving a shit about him at all to me actually giving a damn so fast in the span of one book. I cared so much that I actually bought the spin off book, Sinner, even though I knew Sam wasn’t going to be in it.

8. Iroh: Wisest character


Sadly, the only character that I could really think of was Albus Dumbledore and everyone knows who that is so I don’t even have to explain myself.

9. Azula: Best downfall

  • Thomas from The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod by Heather Brewer


So, I can’t actually talk about this without giving away some spoilers so I’m just gonna give the series synopsis to the best of my ability and all I have to say is read it. It’s so good and so worth it.

So, Vladimir Tod is half-human, half-vampire and in this world there is a prophecy that a vampire hybrid will be born who will rule the vampires and enslave the human race. Vlad is the only vampire who has ever been born so it is strongly believed that he is this vampire who has been long ago foretold and all of the vampire community basically wants to kill him because of it. On top of that, when Vlad was very young his parents were murdered when someone set their house of fire. So on top of all the political shit that Vlad has to deal with because of this prophecy, he is trying to discover the truth about his parents’ death and all while navigating through being an outcast in the human school system.


10. Appa: Favorite fictional animal/pet

  • Cheshire Cat from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll


It is not a secret how much I love Wonderland and though I don’t always love the different versions of Alice in Wonderland that I’ve come across, I have always adored the Cheshire Cat in every single one. He is my absolute favorite character in pretty much all of the stories I’ve come across. I have no doubt in my mind that I’d be so happy to call him my pet and friend if I could.

11. Aang: Purest cinnamon roll

  • Renesmee Carlie Cullen from Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer


So, it was so hard for me to think of someone for this and little Nessie was the only thing that came to mind. I know that her innocent appeal is all due to the fact that she is a child so I’m not sure how valid my answer could be to the question but whatever. She’s cute, innocent, and just such a sweet little thing. There’s a special place in my heart for this little cherub.

12. Avatar state: A stubborn character/a character that struggles with letting go

  • Calla from Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer


Oh my dear Calla. So her only reason for not being able to let go is her God damn love triangle. She can not for the life of her pick a boy. I like a good love triangle but even I was getting very annoyed.


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